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SW 16 Skiff Specifications

  • 16′ 4″ Overall length
  • Bottom Width: 54″
  • Beam: 78″
  • Height at Stem: 27″
  • Height at Transom: 20″
  • Hull Weight: 480 lbs.
  • Motor Rating: 40 Horsepower
  • Rated Carrying Capacity: 5 Adults or 1250 lbs. persons motor and gear

Our SW 16 skiff is designed to be very stable side to side and tip to tail. Our bottom width is 54″ and our beam is 78″. We want our customers to feel stable, and not tippy when leaning over the gunwale, and to be comfortable navigating when running under motor. The hull bottom is flat from near the bulk head to the transom with three raised 1″ ribs. There is a very shallow “v” on our hull bottom just forward of the bulk head to cut chop. We have designed our hull to have significant side wall angle moving forward from mid ship to the bow. This helps with displacement, and stability, and really helps keep our SW 16 passengers stay dry when running. The spray from bounce and chop naturally is shed to the side and away. Our SW 16 skiff is rated for a 40 horse. Our SW 16 skiff gets on plane with a 15 horse. You should expect to go 23 mph plus with a 25 horse and two adults, and over 30 mph with a 30 horse.

LTD 16 Drift Boat Specifications

  • Over All Length: 16′
  • Beam: 81′
  • Bottom Width: 54′
  • Height at Stem: 41′
  • Height at oar locks: 21′
  • Height at transom: 31′
  • Weight: 450 lbs.
  • Carry Capacity: 4 persons or 800 lbs.960 lbs. persons, motor, and gear
  • 10 HP motor
    (Factory note: a 4-6 horse works best, or a 30 lb. thrust trolling motor on glassed off small lakes).
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