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Canopy Campers

About 10-years ago, Alu-Cab noticed a gap in the 4×4 rental market; essentially, a need for a lightweight, versatile, mid-range camper solution.

In many respects, the safari rental market in Africa is the ideal testing ground for overland gear, and after exhaustive development, we designed a camper that combined the best of both worlds: it had the lightweight and low-profile benefits of a modular canopy, combined with the versatility and spacious living quarters of a camper.



  • An easy-access vertical door with heavy-duty hinges, and the ability to mount a 33″ spare wheel on the back with the addition of the Spare Wheel Bracket. This rear door design eliminates dust and water intrusion commonly found with other canopy style campers.
  • The canopy camper utilizes proprietary extrusions that are used throughout the construction for drill-free vehicle installation and fitment of accessories.
  • Utilizes tried and true dual-layer ripstop canvas for optimal insulation along with a seamless design to prevent leaks.
  • Improved 150mm tall bed area provides ample room for 75mm closed cell foam mattress and additional bedding to be easily stored in place while closed.
  • Features integrated roof rails to facilitate the mount of various rooftop accessories.
  • Oversized side gullwing doors allow unobstructed access to gear and airflow while in camp.
  • Industry exclusive standard electrical package includes five National Luna dual color LED lights, USD & 12v Chargers and Solar Pre-wire to make installation of solar panels plug and play.

Roof Top Tents


The Alu-Cab Gen 3.1 Tent builds on the strengths and reputation of the Gen 3 Expedition Tent with a number of pointed improvements and new features.

These updates Include:

  • New 3D Breathable Mesh under the mattress to reduce condensation
  • Integrated raised air vent in the back canvas to reduce condensation
  • Single Zip opening doors for ease of entry
    Removable rear awning
  • Stainless steel spring-pole eyelets for increased durability and longevity
  • Side rain cover as a standard feature (can be placed on left or right side door)
  • Extended roof cargo rails
  • Telescopic ladder with broad and angled rungs for increased comfort and easier storage

When rooftop tents first hit the market they were revolutionary, mostly because your tent and mattress (the two things that take up the most packing space) were now conveniently stored on your roof. Of course, there are many more benefits to owning a rooftop tent, but likewise, there are plenty of cons, too.

Fortunately, most of these drawbacks are associated with soft-shell rooftop tents, as well as heavy canvas units that are difficult to flip open. For these reasons, our Expedition Tent has always followed a hard-shell design. The benefits of this setup include…
A gas-strut assisted design that takes seconds to open and close
A three-point entry / exit layout so you don’t have to plan your campsite around your tent
A more aerodynamic shape
You can close the tent with your bedding inside, and lastly…
Our Expedition Tent has always followed a hard-shell design.
What’s more, hard-shell tents typically last longer than their soft-shell equivalents, they’re also easier to clean, and far more resilient to rain, snow and windy weather conditions.

But most of all, from an overland-travel perspective (where you’re moving from one camp to the next), you just can’t beat the convenience of a popup rooftop tent; which is why our ever popular Expedition Tent is now in its 3rd Generation design.

Over the years, we’ve been adding continuous improvements to our Expedition Tent, opting for a wider, more spacious layout, as well as a streamlined design that’s both aesthetically pleasing, and far more aerodynamic.

But even more so, three critical features have always been important to us while developing our hard-shell tent:

1) Comfort and convenience

Buying a rooftop tent is no different to buying a household bed, where comfort is critical; which is why we’ve specced our Expedition Tent with a generous 75 mm high-density foam mattress. We’ve also included a reading light, USB charging ports (for your mobile phone), a 12V power socket, and a series of storage pockets where you can keep your keys, books and even your shoes.

2) Functionality

Thanks to the Expedition Tent’s robust aluminium housing, you have the option of fitting our Alu-Cab load bars. This means you can still pack large bulky items on top of your tent. Whether it be a solar panel, camping table, kayak, mountain bike, or our very own Rack Tray, the Gen 3.1 Expedition Tent doesn’t prevent you from packing gear on your roof like other rooftop tents do.

3) Insulation

Recognizing that our tents are used by extreme adventure travellers across the globe, we wanted to build a tent that offered the best possible insulation against blazing African heat, as well as sub-zero temperatures found in Europe and North America. That said, the Gen 3.1 roof structure and base are generously insulated with a closed-cell foam lining that offers excellent comfort and insulation all year round. We’ve also included an awning cover over the tent’s rear door, which helps to keep rain, snow and frost off the rear opening.


So, if you’re looking to upgrade your current rooftop tent with a far more durable, versatile and easy-to-use option, look no further than our Expedition Tent – a third generation product that has evolved into a supremely comfortable, spacious, and fast-pitching home away from home.


Although it’s a topic of hot debate, we prefer top-opening doors and windows for the following two reasons:
1) If you’re camping in moderately cold conditions, but you still want a bit of ventilation, you can unzip a small portion of the tent flap to allow air to escape.
2)Even with most of the tent door unzipped and open, you still get too enjoy privacy while lounging in bed.


Whether you’re exploring the Outback, trekking through Nevada’s Death Valley, or charging red sand dunes in the Kalahari, no camping accessory’s job is more vital than the ability to cast shade.

For seasoned campers, an awning is very often the first accessory they bolt to their vehicle, knowing that the ability to cast as much shade as possible (in the quickest time) is crucial to overland travel. What you don’t want is to be battling with poles, pegs and guy ropes in blistering midday heat, or when rain is thundering down.

This is why our globally popular 270º Shadow Awning is designed to open, and setup, all in one. There are no additional steps or poles to pitch; you just unzip the bag and swing the awning through a full 270º. It’s so easy, one person can manage it.

This wrap-around effect means that you get to enjoy 10 square metres of shelter around the full working area of your vehicle, especially where it’s needed – at the rear, where your drawer system, fridge, and supplies are stored.

The awning features four heavy-duty aluminium arms that span the 270º spread, making the Shadow Awning resistant to inclement weather. If conditions happen to get worse, the awning’s centre arm features a tucked away drop-down pole that can be used to brace the awning for extra support. What’s more, each of the four arms boasts a tie-down strap for really gusty conditions, and you can also equip the awning with our optional Storm Kit.

Because we’ve made these extra supports a step-by-step option, you’re saved the time of pitching poles and securing ropes when wind or rain isn’t a problem – perfect for a quick trailside lunch break! Lastly, because the 270º Shadow Awning is made from reflective ripstop material, the awning casts a noticeably lower-shade temperature.

Without a doubt, the Alu-Cab 270º Shadow Awning is one of our proudest products that’s all out #DesertProof and Africa-proven.