Legendcraft Boats


Advance engineering and design makes the Ambush different than any other performance aluminum boats in the way it feels and handles.

With its unique hull design, V bottom with reverse chines, the faster you go, the higher you rise out of the water.  The feel is more like a bass boat with a pad, yet it gives you a very stable ride.

Our hull sides are designed with less flare to make it easy to maneuver in those areas where the timber gets tight and you need more maneuverability.

An open floor plan gives you plenty of room and and is designed to carry those heavy loads.

Additional options give you ample storage to store all your gear safely out of the way.

Our heavy duty top gunnel rail is perfect for mounting accessories and runs the length of the boat.  Also features a special groove designed for additional wiring and can be covered with rail trim.

Ambush Models

The ultimate all-welded aluminum performance boat that provides excellent handling and reliability. Includes lots of additional options that are designed for the serious hunter or fisherman in mind. Easily make a few changes and now you’re ready for some fun on the water with a need for speed!

(Standard Options)
Ambush Models Size
Ambush 1548
15′ L x 48″ Bottom
Ambush 1552
15′ L x 52″ Bottom
Ambush 15.5/52
15′ 6″ L x 52 Bottom
Ambush 1556
15′ L x 56″ Bottom
Ambush 1652
16′ L x 52″ Bottom
Ambush 1656
16′ L x 56″ Bottom
Ambush 1752
17′ L x 52″ Bottom
Ambush 1756
17′ L x 56″ Bottom