Become an Ambassador

Thank you for your interest in becoming a BFO ambassador! At BFO our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible value and buying experience. This is done through knowledge of our watercraft and love for what we do. We offer a variety of extremely capable boats that allow you to get places that are not easily accessible with other craft. BFO looks at things a little different than others and to that end, our goal is to offer boats other dealers do not consider. We are continuously looking at new products to stock and will do so as we are impressed by a new design, idea, or need.

To be considered as a BFO ambassador you do not have to be a Pro or fish three or more days per week. What we do need are fishermen and women that will use our products on a regular basis, provide social media content, promote our Brands, and be a positive face for BFO in the community. Please understand that this will not be a full sponsorship and what gets offered will vary based on what you bring to the table. Key factors for consideration will be at least one active social media account (Instagram, Facebook, etc.), regularly being on the water, positive personality, and willingness to talk to people about BFO products.

Please email me at with information on your social media accounts, how often (average per month) you spend on the water, what type of fish you target, the lakes/rivers you regularly fish, any relevant groups/associations/clubs in which you are involved, and anything else that you feel would make you a great choice. You can write about yourself and what you offer if desired, but please keep it brief and to the point. Bullet points are one of my favorites and you can elaborate beside them if needed. No points will be awarded for perfectly written or long submittals, so keep it simple and don’t overthink it.

Thanks for your interest,